The BOLDNetwork is limited to creatives and entertainment industry professionals.  The Network has 12 branches, for the crafts ranging from Media/Public Relations personnel to Authors and Relationship Coaches and the Members-at-Large category, to accommodate entrepreneurs but do not fit into one of the branches.

Each Branch and Category: 

Authors | Relationship Coaches | Wellness Coaches | Fashion Stylists | Hair and MU Stylists | Photographers | Models | Public Relations and Marketing | Production Designers | Music | Members-at-Large - 

To be considered for invitation to The BOLDNetwork as a Member-at-Large, an individual must:

(a)  have been actively engaged for the past 2 years in retail entrepreneurship.


• have served in one of the following positions for 5 consecutive years: 

o Head of Physical Production
o Head of Visual Production & Product Marketing
o Chief Executive Officer


The BOLDNetwork membership process is by sponsorship, not application.  Candidates must be sponsored by one Network member from the branch to which the candidate seeks admission.

Additionally, Lavender Seal Award contestants are automatically considered for membership and do not require sponsors.

Contestants and sponsored candidates are reviewed by branch committees and recommendations for membership are considered by the Editors Board. The Board decides which individuals will receive invitations.

Membership review takes place once a year, in the summer.  The current cycle deadline for candidates is August 1, 2022.


The BOLDNetwork is limited to creatives and entertainment industry professionals and has members in countries all over the world. 


Sponsoring a candidate or business owners for membership in the Network is a serious commitment.  Please make sure you are confident the candidate has truly “demonstrated exceptional achievement in the field of entrepreneurship or creative discipline” before you agree to sponsor an individual.

It is important to be familiar with the admission criteria of your branch (or category, if you are sponsoring someone as a Member-at-Large). 

Please note:

  • A member may sponsor only one candidate per membership cycle

  • Candidates for branch membership must be sponsored by members of the branch in question.  Members-at-Large may be sponsored by any member, from any branch.  Members-at-Large may only sponsor Members-at-Large.


A candidate for membership must be sponsored by one member of the branch for which the individual qualifies. One sponsor should initiate the sponsorship process via email (only members will have access). Please review your branch’s requirements before submitting a candidate for consideration.

After the member has completed the online process, the proposed candidate will receive an email requesting additional information. Once completed, the Member Relations and Editorial Board will be in touch if any additional information is required.

Membership reviews take place once a year, in the summer.  The current cycle deadline is August 1, 2022

Each candidate who receives a favorable endorsement from the appropriate Branch Executive Committee will be submitted to the Editorial Board for final approval and invitation to membership.


The Social Factor - attend our exclusive annual event in Miami Beach, FL: The fellowship Dinner.

Marketing/ Public Relations - Retail Based Clients can attend the E.S.S. Relationship and Music Festival for FREE under your sponsorship

The Glam Bag - Gift bags worth up to $150,000

Coaches: Access to our client database


Career Jolt


Calling the Shots 

Wedding Table

The BOLDNetwork is pleased to offer the Lavender Fellowship for emerging female entrepreneurs in technology. The fellowship combines direct financial support with personalized mentorship, access to once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunities, and lifelong career advancement support via the The BOLDNetwork Program. 

Currently, alumni of The BOLDNetwork programs who identify as women, as well as Lavender Rising partner company nominees, are eligible to apply. The current 2021 fellowship submission period has concluded. To those interested in applying, please check back in summer of 2022.

The BOLDNetwork currently awards two Fellowships annually, one in the U.S. and one internationally. For more information about the Fellowship, please contact